Prof. OKASSA Eugène

Prof. OKASSA Eugène was born in Kellé (Congo) in 1951. He graduated his PhD in Mathematics on January 20th 1989 from Toulouse (France) after his Master of Pure Mathematics in June 1976,  DEA of Pure Mathematics in September 1977 and his Doctorate of 3rd cycle of Pure Mathematics on march 10th 1981 from Grenoble (France).

His researches focus on Geometry of near-points and Lie-Rinehart algebras.

Former Head of Department of Mathematics, Dean, Responsible for Doctoral Training in Pure Mathematics.

He is Knight in the International Order of Academic Palms of CAMES, Member of CRE (Regional Commission of AUF Experts), Expert of the Francophone Project for Mathematics and Computer Science as

representative of Central Africa until December 2015 and Member of CTS (Specialized Technical Commission of CAMES) in (Maths-

Physics-Chemistry) from 2008 to 2014.

He has been retired since January 1, 2016.